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Couples therapy can definitely help and save relationships. This is shown by the many reviews that former clients gave me. These testimonials may also help you decide whether couples therapy makes sense at this point in your life.

Frederik von G.

Julia J.

"Ms. Fehst accompanied us very sensitively through a difficult phase in our relationship. I always felt that I was cared for and heard with her and learned to understand my partner's needs better. We both emerged stronger from this therapy and now we know also what we can do if we slip back into old behavior patterns. Thank you very much for the time you have taken for us! "

Isa M.

Dear Birgit, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for your advice! She opened our eyes (and especially me) to what we couldn't see for a long time. I can only advise everyone to get coached by you, because unfortunately you cannot recognize your blind spots on your own. Thanks!

Kristin R.

Anyone who gets to know Birgit Fehst not only notices quickly that she is very competent and approachable, but above all that she gets to the point clearly and crisply. The positive results speak for themselves. I have already recommended her several times in couple coaching to my own patients, who happily reported about their successes and new paths in the partnership. For me it is the number 1 recommendation for couples therapy.

We had drifted apart, worse still, lost respect for each other.
With Ms. Fehst we both felt understood - and understood each other again after a few sessions. We now know how to talk about our feelings and needs, and have learned to listen to each other, so we have been able to get back together over the past few months. Thanks for this second chance!

Wentzel N.

It has now been a full 4 years, dear Ms. Fehst, that we did couples therapy with you. Why do I give a rating now? I wanted to know if your methods pass the practical test. Previous couples therapy was good, but had no lasting effect. They kept telling us how important it is to stay tuned. How important it is not to lose mindfulness. With their practical methods and tools (and not only with nice-sounding theory) we succeeded - we are still happy, talk a lot with each other and continue to implement what we have learned from you. Are there also difficult times? Of course, but we manage to survive this without collateral damage and then look forward again. We owe that to you. We have recommended you several times and will continue to do so. Thank you again!

Oliver K.

Five sessions and our relationship is back on track. We can only recommend Ms. Fehst - she gives very specific tasks for implementation that make it possible to rethink quickly. Thank you!

Martina W.

Couples therapy: We, my husband and I, were at the end - no more light on the horizon, almost no hope for a US in the future, after 13 years of marriage both ready to throw everything away .... With empathy and yet clear words, with clarity but without paternalism, with understanding but also criticism, Ms. Fehst stimulates me / us in our conversations to reflect, to self-reflect and to critically examine myself / ourselves. (...) She never says what we should do, but makes sure that we find it out on our own. Without Ms. Fehst we would be part of the statistics of divorced marriages, although, as we now know, we clearly belong together.
I can highly recommend her as a therapist to anyone who is ready to change himself and his life with it!
Hypnosis: Great experience, absolutely recommendable.


Comprehensive great help and advice for all situations in life that fate has to offer. With a lot of charm, even more understanding and wonderful methods. Without Frau Fehst I wouldn't be doing so well today!


My husband and I underestimated the effect of our cultural differences, different approaches to raising children and work-related stress management. Before that difference got too big, we decided to see a couples therapist, but it took a while to decide which one to choose. Then we came across Birgit's profile and, after reading your reviews and about her experience, we wanted her as a therapist. Our gut feeling turned out to be correct right from the first session.


The fact that we as a couple give a rating together is in itself the best proof of the excellent and successful work of Ms. Fehst. At a point where we both thought our marriage could no longer be saved, she used her empathetic manner to untangle our muddle of problems and give helpful, immediately actionable, practical tips. She works scientifically at the highest level, is incredibly experienced and you never have the feeling of being dealt with according to scheme F. Most amazing was the speed at which we made progress. After the second session, we felt ourselves again as a couple and not as parties to the conflict. And today we are closer together than ever before!

Christian N.

About a year ago my wife and I had an intensive day with Ms. Fehst. A sunny Saturday that started with a depressed mood. Without hope, with great tension between us. Little by little we understood the dynamics in which we were trapped. It was a day full of aha moments and many possible solutions. We are now one heart and one soul again. Not without conflicts, but we now know how to address them. We can talk to each other again. Thank you very much, Ms. Fehst!


We went to Ms. Fehst for an intensive day: This day saved our marriage!
It's unbelievable how one day can change your life. It was getting down to business because we had to leave our comfort zone and that was what we needed. We have found ways out of silence, lost the fear of telling the truth and thus cleared up misunderstandings and developed tolerance.
It was the first step into the second half of our marriage. We both felt understood, were perceived individually and as a couple, and thank Ms. Fehst for her sensitive and extremely competent advice. We can recommend an intensive day to everyone.

Gustl T.

Dear Mrs. Fehst,
my wife and I had actually given up hope. We were trapped in our routines and arguably the only reason we didn't break up was for convenience. With your careful conversation, your valuable tips and suggestions, we have now (re) discovered what we have in common and we have fallen in love again. Many Thanks. We are very grateful to you for everything.

K. & T.

Sometimes friends ask us whether it was worth doing the sessions with Ms. Fehst. YES, it was worth it. For various reasons: - a very relaxed, pleasant atmosphere - honest feedback for both partners - helpful techniques were recommended to us in dealing with conflicts - we did not expect or experience miracles; but our eyes were opened to reality - if we as a couple need help again or if one of us needs help, we will contact Birgit Fehst again. Thank you so much!


The problem was incredible for us; we just couldn't see it. The solution was just as incredible for us; because after two sessions everything became clear. We are both academics, but we were too self-confident and therefore also blind to our operations. For two years we were in the dark with our relationship problems until Ms. Fehst practically simply switched on the light. Then came a fascinating mixture of familiarity and a feeling like the first time. I fell in love with my own wife all over again.

Steffi H.

After 5 years of relationship and 2 years of marriage, our love was completely in ruins and one reproach followed the next. Actually, the couple therapy was only intended to somehow get out of it as unscathed as possible. However, with her patient, competent and empathetic manner, Ms. Fehst managed to offer my husband and me a framework in which we could open up and discuss our problems honestly and constructively and ultimately solve a lot. Because of her skilful questions everything was suddenly clear in front of us! I am infinitely grateful to Ms. Fehst and I can heartily recommend therapy with her to everyone! Thanks! Steffi


Birgit has a great way of dealing with people, listens very well and the methods she uses are very effective. It was and is the best decision for therapeutic advice!


Very structured, emphatic and helpful discussions. Great methods and many helpful tips / exercises to support you in different situations.
Many Thanks :)

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