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Birgit Fehst –
Dedicated couples therapist

✓ Expert in TV, radio and in print media


✓ University degree in psychology and training in couples and sex therapy


✓ Certified hypnotherapist, coach and consultant

Paartherapeutin Birgit Fehst mit Hund in ihrer Paartherapie Praxis in Berlin

First aid for
Your second chance!

There is a saying: “Relationships are bad for those who don’t have them”. So true. And the reason why I passionately do couples therapy in Berlin!

Those who have always been happily married will probably not understand your problems first hand. „My pain is your gain“, I’ve been there, and the personal interest was the reason to get deep into the topic. In the 90s I took the class “Love research” in psychology and it became clear: men and women have such a different way of communicating that they can’t really be able to understand one another. But there had to be a solution: how can you do relationships in a way that it works?


For many years I worked in the business world teaching topics like communication and conflicts up to the executive level, and I focused on working primarily with couples in my own practice about 15 years ago. But it is the combination of the experiences in both worlds – business and psychology- that helps me to look at things from various perspectives. I know business and I know the human soul. And – I know what it means to have time constraints when making appointments.


I can also be seen regularly on German television as a couples therapist and relationship expert, for example on Sat1 “Frühstücksfernsehen”, taff Pro Sieben, Deutsche Welle TV, Welt Online and RTL “Mittagsmagazin”.


In October 2022, a new "era" began for me, namely as a content creator on Instagram and TikTok. Over 180,000 followers watch my videos on attachment styles, dating, relationships and  painful break-ups. After a few month the national tv station ZDF also became aware of me via social media and from February 2024 you can see me in the ZDF “Mediathek” and on ZDF Neo as a couple therapist in the series "Love Hunters", where we support real couples in their homes with real advice and exciting activities for typical couple problems such as jealousy, arguments and the transition from couple to young parents.


My book "Harte Wahrheiten aus dem Leben einer Paartherapeutin" (Hard Truths from the Life of a Couples Therapist), which is based on my social media content, will also be published by Knaur in time for the book fair in October 2024. I'm really excited about these new challenges and hope to be able to reach and help many more people.

The demands on relationships have changed more in the last 50 years than in the entire 2,000 years before. The path to a successful life together often leads through a jungle of misunderstandings. This is why "partnership" should actually be taught at school, but until then the world needs experts that can help out.


To make your world whole again. That’s why I am here to support you too.


Yours, Birgit Fehst

Primary and further education

  • MA North American Studies, French, Psychology (studied in Germany, France, USA)


  • Alternative practitioner for psychotherapy (2008)


  • Couples therapy : Treating Affairs, UK masterclass and neuro-biological therapy (Dr. David Schnarch); Dealing with affairs (Esther Perel); Calling in the One and Conscious Uncoupling (Katherine Woodward Thomas); Bridging the Couple's Chasm Level 1 and Assessment, Interventions and Co-Morbidities, Level 2 (Gottman Relationship Institute); Introduction to Emotion-Focused Couple Therapy (Matthias Angelstorf)


  • Sex therapy : Certified systemic sex therapist (IGST Heidelberg, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Clement); Sexual Dysfunction and Intimacy and Desire (Dr. David Schnarch); Sexocorporel (Institute for Embodiment and Sexology)

  • Psychotherapy : Acceptance and commitment therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy for anxiety disorders and depression (Russ Harris); Internal Family Systems (IIFS Institute Berlin)


  • Hypnosis : Certified Hypnotherapist (National Guild of Hypnotists); Hypnotherapy (Dr. Norbert Preetz); Carcinos hypnosis accompanying cancer therapy (Ina Ostroem); Trance camp (Steven Gilligan); Trance Travel (Tania Niermeier); Lightning Hypnosis (Sean Michael Andrews)


  • Coaching : Certified trainer and consultant BDVT; Co-Active Coach CTI London; Course Leader Progressive Muscle Relaxation (AHAB Academy); Stress management trainer (AHAB Academy); NLP Practitioner (Spectrum Communication Training and Fresh Academy); Metaprograms (Marc Pletzer); Wingwave Coach (Dirk Eilert); EFT Practitioner (EFT Institute Berlin); Autonom Health Professional (Autonom Health Vienna)

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