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Your process to


✓ Make your relationship a good one again


✓ come back to love 


✓ have a fulfilling sex life again

Course of couples therapy

Step by step towards a more positive future

You make an appointment online, write to me using the contact form, send me an email or give me a call.

I will get back to you by phone or email and we will arrange an initial appointment of normally 60 or 90 minutes. You are also welcome to book a double session or two appointments within two weeks in order to avoid the waiting time between the sessions being too long. You can cancel the second appointment at any time up to 48 hours in advance free of charge.

You also have the possibility to book an entire Power day couples therapy! Reasons are often times a high urgency or couples come from far away. A whole day is tough, but highly effective! If you are not in Berlin or prefer an online session for different reasons, find out more about couples therapy online here .

I don't do any free trial sessions. However, if you/us notice within the first half hour that we are not a good match, you can without further ado leave without any costs. If you like, we can also do a little prep talk of 15 minutes free of charge. Just write me an email with your preferred times and I'll call you.


There are not minimum or maximum number of sessions. You decide how often and for how long you want to work with me. Most people book between four and eight sessions. But there are also couples you just need some advice and some quick impulses once or twice. And there are also couples who keep coming back after a successful therapy every three months or so. 

In the end sustainable change takes time. It is a process that in the long run leads to success. Have a look at the couples reviews of my clients.

The first session of couples therapy

During the first meeting we analyze what exactly is going wrong in your relationship. Are you trapped in a never ending dynamic of fights and can’t come out of it by yourselves? Or does one of you want more sex than the other? Can’t you really communicate well? No matter what it is that is putting your relationship in danger, it makes sense to talk to an expert about it.


During the first session we already take a look at what you want instead, where there is potential for change. You will get some in-depth homework that can be very enlightening already. This first session will already have such an impact that most couples answer the question “How are things?” with “Better”.


We don’t just want to solve your problems. We want you to be happy again. And that is a feeling and not a fact.

The follow-up sessions of couples therapy

You will already know how to break the dynamic of fights, or how to find your way back together, if an affair had troubled your relationship. Or what to do to improve your sex life. Now we go deeper. We find the reasons for your dynamics, the reasons for your problems. We want to understand and grow lots of empathy for yourself and your partner. It can also be that we do individual sessions in the course of the therapy, especially if the emotions get too heated in all dialogues or one of you needs support for an individual issue like a strong fear of loss, jealousy or problems with handling conflicts.


We will work on getting out of the negativity spiral and build your emotional back account again.

What are the chances of success in couples therapy?

If you both really want it - pretty high. I don't want to give you any percentages at this point, because it's all about you and how much you are willing to invest in your relationship. And by that I don't mean the finances.

It becomes difficult when one of you only comes along to do the other one a favor. Or you expect me to tell you that there's no point anymore.

Cause I won't do that. I am working for you and according to your goals. And if your goal is to make your relationship harmonious again, I will do my best for you to get there. Let's start the journey now! Send me a contact request and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

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