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Individual sessions for anxious attachment style

In my individual therapy I will help:

  • heal your insecure attachment style

  • To never let you treated badly again

  • To be able to calm and regulate your nervous system when fear comes

  • To be able to deal better with an acute separation situation

  • Identify and heal your traumatized inner parts (some call it “the inner child”) and triggers

  • Find better strategies for your future dating life, or

  • Find better strategies for you for your current relationship life


This page is about 1:1 sessions, of course you can also book a session with me together with your partner! Feel free to take a look at my Couples Therapy Berlin page or find out more about sex therapy here. ​

I don't do traditional individual therapy over several years. Psychotherapists licensed by health insurance companies are primarily responsible for this (my fee is only reimbursed by private health insurance companies). Many people just take a few impulse sessions, come to me in acute crisis situations, want to work on their insecure aka anxious attachment style or finally let go of a toxic relationship.

“Finally get to know yourself better”
Birgit Fehst

Couple and sex therapist, relationship coach

How can we work together?

In our sessions, we analyze what attachment style you have and how it affects your relationship life today. Our time together deals with two levels:

1. How does your insecure attachment style manifest itself, what behavior is visible, what unconscious “strategies” do you use?


This is the “inner manager” level, so to speak. Your managers are doing everything they can to stop feeling the pain from before, but unfortunately often not in a very constructive way. They do it in a way that your “inner child” knows. Sometimes it is enough to work with these managers. You understand your own reactions and learn new, more constructive ways to communicate and express your needs.
2- Sometimes we also have to go deeper and look at the hurt inner parts that so often flood you with painful feelings and that also make letting go so difficult.


We experience the attachment injuries we experienced as children again and again in our relationships as adults. For example, if we suffered from an emotionally unavailable parent as a child, we often look for emotionally unavailable partners as adults. It is obvious that this cannot work, but we still have the unconscious inner urge to try again and again. We look at these hurt parts of ourselves and look for ways in which you YOURSELF can give them what they need. This will help you become more confident, make better choices, and take better care of yourself when you're heartbroken.


Feel free to book an appointment via Doctolib or write to me via the contact form and we'll make an appointment. One hour costs 160 euros.


I'm looking forward to you!

3. If you are not ready for an individual session yet, we can also work together in a completely different way

- You can download my Free eBook “Understanding Your Attachment Style” to find out about attachment styles. (only available in german.)

-  Maybe you would like to take my Attachment Style Quiz to find out which attachment style you have. (only in german.)

- If you would then like to make your insecure attachment style more secure, in addition to the individual sessions with me, you have the option to buy the Online course “Decode your attachment style and finally have a happy relationship!”  or you come to my group coaching, Relationship Masterclass, where you can work on your relationship patterns for 6 weeks with like-minded people for 15-17 hours at an affordable price. 


Either way: I'm looking forward to seeing you!

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