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Couples Therapy Power Day

A whole day


✓ brings you many insights and results


✓ means a suitcase full of practical tips


✓ gives you a much deeper understanding of one another

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A power day for your relationship

An entire day for your relationship, from 9 to 5 or as long as it takes, as intense as it can get. Some people wonder if that is not too tough. Well, it is tough, but it also highly effective! It is so effective, that many don’t need any additional sessions any more. 

For whom is an intensive day suitable?

For couples who really need it

When it is really urgent and you would like to achieve a lot within a short time, you should book a power day. We do pretty much the same as in a longer process, but you get all the knowledge at once and can decide for yourself when to do what. 

For couples who want to move forward quickly

Impatient couples or those with time constraints also like to come for a whole day, as that day can take place on a weekend and thus doesn’t take up that many capacities. But be aware: you need time resources to implement the newly learned things, otherwise it is not worthwhile spending the time and money.

For couples who come from far away

Couples from all over Germany don’t necessarily have the opportunity to come to Berlin regularly for only 1,5 hours. They therefore use the chance to spend a weekend here and sometimes even book 2 power days in a row. Couples from abroad rather use the offer to work with me online. 

What does an intensive day look like?

It depends on your topic, so of course it doesn't always look the same. But I'll give you an example of what it might look like:


We start the day by evaluating your situation - what is your topic, what is your dynamic, what is this really about?


Then we go through the evaluation of the questionnaire that you filled out in advance. What are the underlying issues in your relationship during the problem period?


After the lunch break, I often have one-on-one discussions with both partners in order to get a differentiated impression. While I'm talking to one partner, the other is given a task that we discuss intensively in the afternoon, namely: what do I want instead, how do I want our relationship to look like. Both ideas are then merged into a target image and we work out the specific ways to get there.


As you can see, a lot can be achieved in one day! If you are interested now, please give me a call!

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