Coaching with

Birgit Fehst

✓ Life and business coaching with a psychological background


✓ Change your mindset and you will change your life


✓ Progress instead of stagnation


Coaching in Berlin

I am a certified trainer and consultant, have done my coaching training at the Coaches Training Institute (CTI) in London in 2006, enjoyed several NLP trainings and various classes in stress and health management.


I use the knowledge I gained within the past 20 years in therapy every single day. Especially the knowledge about modern brain science that is being used in those fields more than in traditional therapy methods is extremely valuable.


It gives you big time aha-moments and shows how to live our lives the way the brain works. And those aha-moments are not only impressive when doing therapy, but also perfectly suitable for success coachings.


As a mentor I am supporting young professionals at MentorMe to achieve their goals and maybe I have something for you too in my portfolio.


Live brain-friendly

That sounds very scientific indeed. However: fact is that our brain has two main tasks, and those are to keep us alive and to be right. Those two go together actually, because if I fail I might get into trouble. So I have an opinion on everything. That is okay,

BUT- if I think I am not able to do a certain thing, I am automatically looking for clues that I don’t, because I want to be right. If I think nobody likes me, I will behave in a way that that becomes reality. You see the problem. These behaviors are automatic without my own free will. 

Conscious versus subconscious

The subconscious and the conscious minds are the two strong powers in our lives, the subconscious mind being the super power. 95% of the time we are in the subconscous mind! 

That means we are living our lives on autopilot.

Often times that makes sense, because driving a car „consciously“ would make my decision to hit the break so slow that I would cause an accident. The goal of my coaching is to program the autopilot the way I want it to act (and not what I don’t want, as mentionend above!). It shall make me advance in life, look for clues that make me reach my goals and lead a happy life. 


One way to program the autopilot is by changing the mindset. What I mean is: maybe you know The Law of Attraction. There are days when you feel really crappy and an those days many bad things happy. And on happy days many good things happen. Does that sound familiar? You attract good and bad things like magic.

So it would make sense to simply be in a good mood and everything else will follow. „Right“, you might say. „And how do I achieve that?“.

Good question. It is indeed not so easy to happy all the time, because the brain does everything to keep the Status Quo. When I am depressed, I tend to not go out into fresh air or exercise; to eat healthy which would make sense for my energy level; and my brain keeps me from watching comedies but rather dwell on something moody. 

But rest assured- of course there are ways and methods how to use your brain the correct way, how to program your autopilot to serve you and how to develop a mindset with which you can reach your goals. Let me lead you the way!

Steven P.

Birgit has helped me a lot in overcoming private and professional challenges and has inspired me to create the life I want.

Britta S.

I consulted Birgit Fehst for coaching and advice on a very difficult yet stressful topic. She really helped me very emphatically and professionally.

Nathalie W.

Birgit has the experience, the tools and the right empathy to point to the right direction in difficult situations. Looking back, I can't think of a better advisor!