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Systemic therapy is a from of therapy with a focus on the context of psychological disorders, especial on the interaction between members of the family and the social environment. I have learnt systemic sex therapy and Internal Family Systems (IFS), the systemic with the inner family system. That is a relatively modern method that has been spreading among American therapist since 2015 when it received official acknowledgment by the Ministry of Health.

The systemic work with the inner family (IFS)

This method has been founded in the 80s by Dr. Richard Schwartz, one of the most renowned American family therapists. He has transferred the systemic point of view to the inner world of the clients. We don’t just have one inner child, we have many inner parts. And- they are not pathological, they are the way they are for a reason. They all have their roles, assigned to them in the course of our development. It is not about getting rid of them but about seeing them, acknowledging and healing them and maybe assigning new roles to them that are more suitable today.

"The Inner Child" or "The Inner Children"

You are probably already familiar with the concept of the inner child. As mentioned above we have numerous inner children that are carrying wounds from the past. However, they exist behind a veil, as we don’t want to deal with them and their negative feelings on a daily basis. But they are still there and there are moments when they get triggered. When our partners says or does something, for example. And suddenly we ARE the five year old and feel the way we felt back then. So it is important for us to see the five year old and tell her that we acknowledge what she feels, what happed to her, get her out of the state of despair, guilt, shame, or whatever she (or he) feels.

The “self” takes responsibility

And that is exactly what we do in IFS. We as grown ups take over. With all of our resources that we now have and didn’t  have as a child. So that we don’t have to feel the old feelings any more because we were able to take them away from the child. A wonderful work, highly effective and very moving. Let me know when you are ready for it….


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