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✓ helps with violent arguments, different sexual desires, affairs and much more.


✓ brings more understanding for one another, better conflict resolution and a more positive communication


✓ through quick results and permanent changes


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Raus aus dem Streit und zurück zur Liebe

A fulfilling relationship is one of the most beautiful things in life that one could wish for. Unfortunately, disappointments and frustrations are the order of the day for many couples, and many do not find their way back into a harmonious relationship on their own.

As a couples therapist, I have already helped over 1,000 couples to solve a wide variety of relationship problems and find each other again, both emotionally and physically.

If frequent arguments and conflicts are your main problem, please stay on this page. If lack of sexual desire or other sexual problems is your main concern, please take a look at the Sex Therapy page directly.

Falls Sie jedoch alleine kommen möchten, weil Ihr Partner noch nicht wirklich bereit für eine Paartherapie ist, oder Sie Themen haben, die nur Sie selbst betreffen, dann gehen Sie auf die Einzeltherapie Seite. Und sollte es wirklich dringend sein und Sie richtig Gas geben wollen, dann wäre eventuell eine Doppelsitzung oder ein ganzer Powertag Paartherapie angebracht.


Auch wenn Sie sich das schwer vorstellen können: es gibt Lösungen für die meisten Ihrer Beziehungsprobleme. Sie sind mit Ihren Fragestellungen nicht allein und es ist auch nicht schlimm, dass Sie nicht von selbst auf die Antworten kommen, denn schließlich ist „Beziehungen“ kein Schulfach.


Lassen Sie uns gemeinsam Ihre Partnerschaft wieder zu einem Zuhause machen.

What are good reasons for a couples therapy?

  • The first child

  • The second child

  • Escalations

  • misunderstandings

  • Lack of acceptance for different views

  • Bad / little sex

  • Stressors outside of the relationship

  • Different needs

The list is far from complete, but it does give a first idea of ​​what most couples are struggling with. I think you recognize yourself on one point or another. "The quality of your life is only as good as the quality of your relationship," says Esther Perel , one of the greats in international couples therapy.


Many therefore not only have relationship problems, but also suffer from concentration disorders, psychosomatic symptoms, fears or depression as a result. Lovesickness is to be taken seriously and can really make your whole life difficult. Act now! And not when it's too late.

How much does couples therapy cost?

  • Couples therapy 60 minutes: 160 €

  • Intensive couples therapy day 8 hours: 1250 €

You can also book a 90 minute session or a double session- just let me know. The costs of a couple counseling always include the preparation and follow-up as well as the evaluation of a 30-page questionnaire. In addition, you have the option at any time to call me free of charge between the sessions if you have any questions or to contact me by email.


For many it is of inestimable value to always have a contact person in times of crisis and use this extensively and often.


My experience. Your new beginning.

My name is Birgit Fehst, I am 52 years old, have a beautiful office in Berlin-Charlottenburg and I am looking forward to working with you soon!


Nena, a famous German singer from the 80s, sang the strong words: „Love is made from courage“ and that is true. You are courageous as well when you take the first step to actively improve your relationship. To be really interested in seeing and hearing your partner and find out about his or her real needs.


And that is what we will do: we talk straight, the no fuss approach, speak it all out. With a scientific base, yet much understanding for all human matters.


Another success factor is my international education and the variety of my methods.

There is not just one way to live and to love, so there is no method that always works.


I like to use the tools of John Gottman, David Schnarch, Esther Perel, Ulrich Clement, the findings of modern neuroscience and many more approaches. I love to combine them and round things up with the experiences I have gained over the years. An intense and satisfying work…




What is in it for you? 

As described above, couples therapy can help you not only to improve your relationship, but also your overall quality of life. But why do you need outside help at all and just can't get it back on your own? You are not mentally ill!


True, the term “therapy” is misleading, because it is purely about the cooperation between the two of you, not about disorders of disease value. We are more like “couple teachers” or “couple counselors”; Coach or trainer would also be appropriate. We, too, first had to learn how relationships work. And we pass this knowledge on.


Many conflicts and dynamics repeat themselves over and over again. So they are in human nature. The couple therapy experts have got to the bottom of these conflicts and have developed methods of how they can be broken up.

Couples therapy step by step

This process is not set in stone, but rather shows typical approaches. Every couple comes with their own unique set of challenges, so yours may look very different. Also attached are some tips on methods for those who would like to know which tools I use, among other things.


What's wrong with the relationship?

We analyze what exactly you are dealing with over and over again and define your goals. What exactly would you like to change? What do you want instead? 


Here I often work with the questionnaire and the tools by John Gottman. He has analyzed thousands of couples in his love lab and is able to make a prognosis of 94% accuracy about the course of the relationship. But even a negative prognosis doesn’t mean that you cannot make it. You have already become active and are ready for a change.


However, that change should indeed be initiated soon...

Interruption of couple dynamics

If frequent fights are in the center of attention, I’ll show you right in the first session how to get out of there. If sexuality is your topic, I’ll show you ways for getting the sex you want.. And if an affair threatens the relationship, I’ll show you how you can find your way back together.  


Modern neuroscience has answers on how to get out of the traps couples fall into real quick. The methods of emotions focused couples therapy have a wonderful explanation for couple dynamics and how to turn them around. As a certified systemic sex therapist I use the knowledge of the systemic society and Sexocorporel. And regarding affairs I have learnt a lot from Esther Perel and David Schnarch.

From negative to positive

To simply disrupt a dysfunctional couple dynamic is not enough. We need to find the source of the negativity. What triggers you? Or what was the real reason for the infidelity? The interaction between you two cannot get better if you have a constant underlying feeling of resentment; no matter which tools you use. Not matter which tools you use. The negativity has to go. But- just to eliminate the negative, again, isn’t what makes you happy. You have to rebuild your emotional bank account. I’ll show you how to do that without falling back into old patterns. 


In order to gain a better understanding for each other, I use various personality profiling models and again the findings of John Gottman.  

The course and length of couples therapy

You make an appointment online , write me using the contact form, send me an email or give me a call. I will get back to you by phone or email and we will arrange an initial appointment of 1.5 hours (or 3 or 8 hours).


I don't do free trial sessions. However, if you / we notice during the first half an hour of the first meeting that a collaboration is not right, you can cancel without any ifs or buts free of charge.


There is no minimum or maximum number of appointments. You decide how often and for how long you want to come.

Most come between four and eight times. But there are also couples who only seek advice once or twice because they only need one impulse. And there are couples who keep coming back over the years to keep up with the ball.


A session usually lasts 1.5 hours. But you also have the opportunity to attend intensive 3-hour appointments or even a full power day! I have clients from all over Germany and also from abroad who are happy to take advantage of this opportunity. You can find more information about this here.


Couples therapy

If you want to achieve a lot in a short period of time, you can book an intensive session or a power day.

Sex therapy

As a couple, you will find the right contact person in Birgit Fehst for all questions about sexuality.

Individual therapy

Let’s deep dive into all topics about relationships and other matters of the heart


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