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Is hypnosis a panacea? No, surely not. But a wonderfully efficient way towards change. Let me cite Milton Erikson, the founder of modern hypnosis:


“Therapeutic trance is focused attention that is guided in the best possible way, so that the client reaches his goal”.


This method has been founded in the 80s by Dr. Richard Schwartz, one of the most renowned American family therapists. He has transferred the systemic point of view to the inner world of the clients. We don’t just have one inner child, we have many inner parts. And- they are not pathological, they are the way they are for a reason. They all have their roles, assigned to them in the course of our development. It is not about getting rid of them but about seeing them, acknowledging and healing them and maybe assigning new roles to them that are more suitable today.


Right. But what does that mean for you and your issue? The reason for reading these lines is probably that you want to change something or reach a goal and you haven’t succeed by yourself yet. And there is a reason for that and it is buried deep in the subconscious mind.


Our actions come from the subconscious mind 95% of the time.

And that’s a good thing as that is how we get our routines. It would be quite unnerving having to reflect on the functioning of a coffee machine every morning. We bought it, maybe read the manual, did it once or twice and never have to think about it again. The subconscious mind takes over and does it by itself.

Perfect when it comes to making coffee. Bad when it comes to anxiety, guilt or jealousy. As the roots are in the subconscious mind we often times don’t even know where it comes from, it might be a blind spot. Or we do know, but can’t change it as knowing alone is not enough. The routines, the data pathways in our brain, are still there. Hypnosis address this autopilot, the old programmings are being altered. I work with the queen of hypnosis- regression. I don’t just give you suggestions and affirmations, but go back to the past where it all started and change the reality in your brain. You can’t change what happened but you can always change your perception.

Sounds easy and effective, so it does work wonders?

No, of course not. One session and everything is fine is bullshit (even though some practitioners may promise that). You need the neurons in the brain to build new formations towards the most wonderful life and that is a process that also takes place outside of our sessions. However, hypnosis can be a valuable and very important part of this change process. By using regression and by using self hypnosis that you can do yourself every single day. You can use the “HypnoBox” App. I am a speaker and author of the German version, but of course you can use the English version. I sometimes even create new suggestions and audio files together with my clients. The app has a record function that I myself use on a regular basis.

Hypnosis for couple issues

Let me once again cite an expert, in this case Garey Smalley:

„Life is relationships; the rest is just details...“

Most wounds are attachment-wounds, brought to you by other people, often times by members of your family of origin. They don’t have to come from a spouse, but from other people you have or had a close relationship with. Those are not the ones who can heal them now. You have to do it yourself. Among other methods, hypnosis is a very suitable modality, or systemic therapy like IFS, the work with the inner family. I am offering that as well. Let’s see together what works best for you.

If you want to achieve a lot in a short period of time, you can book an intensive session or a power day.

For all questions about sexuality, as a couple, you will find the right contact person in Birgit Fehst.

All topics related to relationships and other matters of the heart are heard here.


Are you interested in
couples therapy?

You can call me or my mailbox on 030/854 01770. I will get back to you personally within a few hours. You are also welcome to write me an email or book directly through doctolib. My office hours vary from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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