Individual Therapy

✓ Counselling on relationships and other matters of the heart

✓ Systemic therapy for more clarity and happiness


✓ Hypnosis for in-depth change


Relationships and other matters of the heart

Sometimes it makes sense to do individual sessions in the beginning of a couples therapy and then continue together. It also makes sense to do them in the ongoing couple process. But some like to come all by themselves to begin with. With issues regarding relationships. Or other matters of the heart. 

In the end individual therapy is like a couple therapy with yourself. A harmonization of the conscious and the subconscious mind. Of thinking and feeling. Of acting and being. Of body and soul. 

Separation and lovesickness

After a separation (or when a desired relationship didn’t happen at all), your heart hurts. And that is a serious matter as the term „a broken heart“ can be taken literally.


The soul and the body hurt. And that time heals all wounds is a myth.

If you want to get better soon, we will find a way together. And not only by talking, as talking and knowledge alone is not enough.


We will also use modern methods like NLP, EMDR, EFT oder IFS. Don’t worry if you have no clue what those are, just be sure that there is help. 

Recurring patterns

But also if you think that you somehow keep repeating old destructive relationship patterns and you so want to change that, give me a call. Often times the reason for constant couple problems originate in childhood.

In that case we go much deeper than in a couple therapy. There the focus is on the structure of the relationship. That kind of counselling is highly effective for the individual as a couple does in the end consist of two individuals with their own unique issues. 

Hypnosis for attachment issues

Sometimes the theory itself is not enough. It could be that you still don't fully understand your patterns. For example why your are extremely triggered when someone doesn't show appreciation for you. Why you panic when your husband goes on a business trip. Why you always fall for the same type of women. 

Or you do understand, but you don't feel it. You know that it was due to your mothers narcissism that you have self-worth issues. You know that you are bad at handling conflicts because your parents were, too. And that the lack of empathy of your father led to too little affection towards your kids. But the knowing doesn't change it. So it makes sense to dig deeper, to access your subconscious mind. 

As a hypnotist/hypnotherapist I focus on attachment issues, everything around relationships- to your parents, your partner, your kids, and even to yourself. 

I won't help you lose weight or exercise more, but for human connection and other matters of the heart, I am the one to turn to. If you are willing to really look inside and do the work.


I use hypnosis together with other tools like IFS (Internal Family Systems), EMDR or NLP, all scientifically proven methods. And as the co-author of the most successful German hypnosis app "HypnoBox" (it does have an English and Spanish version) I can even offer you something for long term support at home. 

Fabean B.

Birgit is a truly insightful and talented therapist who not only supported me immensely during our sessions, but also after my session was over.

Calvin C.

I've been much better since meeting Birgit, and believe that her hypnotherapy triggered/opened something on a subconscious level that is allowing me to think, feel and live more freely. 


Birgit has a great way to treat people, she listens really well and her applied methods are very effective. She was and is the best decision for therapeutic counselling! 

Book recommendation on the subject of individual therapy


Jay Earley: Understanding my inner world: self-therapy with personality parts.

A very nice insight into the method of IFS gives the following book. You can work with it yourself or find out if you would like to continue with a certified IFS therapist.